Microlife – A granular fertiliser addressing the most limiting factors in the rhizosphere, resulting in more effective fertiliser applications.

Lime granule

Lime is micronised (ground fine) prior to being granulated to ensure maximum reaction surface for your soil.

  • It enables soil to produce faster pH-changing reactions than traditional agricultural lime that contains larger particles that take years to break down in soil, if at all.
  • Granulated microfine lime can be mixed with standard N, P and K chemical fertilisers to address low-pH situations in the root zone.

Bio-green granule

Granular Bio Green boosts root growth and promotes double the root weight for optimal plant growth. It is a formula of vermicast, micro-nutrients, mycorrhizae, Trichoderma, microfine gypsum, carbon and kelp.

Gypsum granule

Granular Gypsum supplies calcium, sulphur and vital nutrients for optimal plant growth. Furthermore:

  • It reduces surface crusting of soils, improving water penetration and seedling emergence.
  • It loosens heavy clay soils to improve rooting and water infiltration.

Granulated microfine gypsum granules can be mixed with standard N, P and K chemical fertilisers to supply Ca and S to legume crops, fruit trees and high-pH soils.

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